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Here at crypto keepers, we strive to be one of the leading crypto producers in the US. We not only take pride in ourselves on the fact that we have enough leadership to handle every single one of our members on a cellular level, but we also take the time that every individual investor needs. 

Additionally, we are one of the select groups that also guarantees one on one time. This alleviates any doubts or uncertainty that the majority of our members have/had post joining Crypto Keepers. CK is meant for a select group of people that not only have an iron stomach but a solid resolve. Instead of having money drafted out of your account on a monthly basis, we would rather see our members benefit by paying upfront, which in return will allow people to save thousands of dollars. With that being said, If you’re the type of person that would rather make payments, we also have a structure for you as well. Instead of waking up every day and having to work for your money, CK gives you the opportunity to make money work for you.


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Where We Show You ALL Of Our Personal Trades And Buys We Make 24/7.

Private group alone is worth $4,999! You get full access with your lifetime membership!

Our Secret Formula

We have specific formulas that we use for trading, an inside scoop if you will when it comes to bull runs or bubbles. However, when entering a bull market, many people do not know when or how to sell, trade, or shave from their investments which in return can leave them empty-handed or in the negative. The leadership for Crypto Keepers has specifically worked on formulating strategic plans that all but guarantee solid gains throughout our community for years to come.

Over the years we have found certain coins that not only yield more than others but also thrive substantially better than most. The majority of these coins have already 10x to 1000x their original value. Many of these tokens some of you have heard of, however, most of them you have not. This brings a silent value to our group that no other community has to offer. Make no mistake, at Crypto Keepers we are investors, not gamblers.

We are not going to sell you on a one-hour webinar, we’re not going to sit here and have you read 5,000 words on why you should buy a product. This is not a product. This is a lifestyle. Before you say “I’ve heard the lifestyle speech before” let me go ahead and tell you, you haven’t. The reason being, here we’re a family. Kind of like the restaurant cliche phrase, only we mean it!

  1. We’ve developed a unique trading system during bull runs and bubbles that dramatically increase investments, substantially faster. 

2. We are one of the most affordable groups in the world for private crypto clubs.

3. Due to our exclusivity, we only require individuals to purchase a lifetime membership, once. We do this to avoid fees & dues that many other private groups require on a monthly basis.

4. Elite leadership that has a collective experience level of 10+ years of trading & investing inside the crypto world.

5. A specific plethora of coins that only CK has to offer.

6. Weekly newsletters every Friday via email along with LIVE calls every Sunday at 8 pm ET to continually update our members on current crypto events & news.

7. Your engagement in our private group comes first; the questions will be answered by an admin or moderator immediately to assist needs.

8. You get a 1-hour onboarding session with the owner/co-owner to discuss not only how we operate, but to talk about getting you invested as soon as possible.

9. We dedicate time to each member via phone to engage with our Crypto Keepers on a personal level. Unlike the majority of groups/communities, you are not just another number.

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Crypto Keepers

Rob and Alex have been on some crypto platforms from the beginning. They have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars just over the past couple years, and continually grow their portfolios. They do this while showing new members all of their secrets. They want to share their knowledge with the world so that the average person has a fighting chance at joining in on this modern day gold rush.






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Disclaimer: Crypto Keepers is not an investment firm, nor a licensed agency. Just as it was discussed thoroughly with each and every one of you via phone call prior to being granted access to the private group. You are purchasing access to a private group, not investment strategies or advice. Furthermore, we do not invest anyone’s money ourselves, we only post our personal buys, sells, and trades in the group, which we are all permitted to do. No one is solely or collectively responsible for anyone’s investments. Crypto Keepers is for entertainment purposes only.